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As I sit and write I have an orange and mango smoothie to my side. The sun is shining, I have all the windows open and a gentle breeze is flowing through my apartment. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and I’m hoping we have seen the end of rainy season for this year.

I would like to thank the guys at We Like it Rawfor adding my blurb on July 21st. If you haven’t checked out this website, please do full of information and recipes.

Raw Munchings
Peaches are nectarines are in season here, so I have been happy eating them and adding them to green smoothies. Been a little more adventurous of late with my use of greens, needed variety. Firstly, I have started using Mizuna which is widely available here – a Japanese mustard seed green. Commonly used here in salads. I also have been introduced to Mulukhiya which has been grown organically on Okinawa (southern Japanese island), but originates from the Middle East. Along with a variety of fruit, they have been adding a nice to change to my green glasses of deliciouness…Am thinking of making an avocado and mizuna soup with chopped negi. Negi is a japanese onion, often used in miso soup.I do have photos of the greens I bought, but I need to resize them. So expect them shortly. In fact I have a lot of photos as I have a new camera and have been happily clicking away.As the weather is warming up I’m not craving much to eat.  I’m much preferring smoothies or the occasional juice here and there. Am getting tired of not being able to find a non-processed juice anywhere. When walking about the urban jungle there are times when I just wish for something other than water, something a little more substantial. Yet a lot of the juices/smoothies have milk and I live in a society where you don’t request something out of the norm. The big thing to drink here during summer is iced coffee or tea. Yuk!! I haven’t done a water fast for a while, and I feel I really need to do one. Even though my body feels good it’s always nice for the digestive system to have a break. 

Raw Yogini
A couple of weeks back hubby and I attended a workshop near the coast. It was held in a tatami mat room next to a temple in Zushi (not to be confused with sushi). The workshop focussed on the hips, a dread for all dancers and yogis alike. The plan was to attend the two hour workshop, then we all head to the beach and have a picnic. Rainy season put a stop to that as the rain didn’t let up once. Having said that when holding some of the deep hip openers for a while listening to the rain was most therapeutic and helped me ease into the asana.This weekend we’re attending a shoulder opening workshop. I’ve always had quite open shoulders and upper back, so am looking forward to a challenge.I am happy to report that I have two new yoga teaching gigs, and received a text message just a couple of minutes ago to say another class has been added to my schedule on Mondays. I just love teaching yoga. It just seems to come so naturally to me. I love the planning process, creating a theme for my students.My dance vinyasa classes are being well received. Someone came to spy for another studio and couple of weeks ago, didn’t disguise themselves too well.  She let too many things slip. Ah well, curiosity and I see it as a positive as it’s the only class in Japan like it. I’ve created something most unique, and can’t be happier with the way things are going.

Forever Discovering
I was recently asked a question by Ladybugz about what I eat during the winter months when it gets a little colder here.Good question and One I asked myself when I first went raw. Answer – I eat exactly the same as I do in summer, but I do have a few suggestions.
1. I add more green chillis to my dishes to add a natural spice and heat. You could use red, but I have cut them down due to my dosha (kapha/pitta).
2. I don’t eat anything directly out of the fridge during this time, I allow it to get to room temperature.
3. Shazzie had a great suggestion. If making soup, place the bowls in some hot water. Pour the soup to the bowls and stir occasionally for  15-30 mins. Adds just a little warmth, but doesn’t cook the soup. I’m sure this would would for raw pasta dishes to, or any marinated  veggie dishes too.
4. Exercise. Build your body temperature. I do about two hours of yoga a day, plus my teaching. I’m constantly on the go, therefore i never really feel the need for something warm as my internal fire is always aglow.
5. Invest in a dehydrator if you are wanting some warmer dishes, or use your current oven and keep it on a low setting.
6. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Take your time – if you want something cooked, have it. Allow time for your body to adjust.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m sure there are numerous please do let me know and I will add them to my website (still under construction).By the way ladybugz, you said you were living in Japan and about to do a TTC. Please write and tell me more. And thanks for the question. 

Leftover Ramblings 
So yes, all is good in the land of Em.  I read Harry Potter in less than 48 hours (yep I cried, and laughed..fabulous). Am back to my study reading. I have my Yoga Thailand pre-course assignments coming through, so have two books on the go for that and my diploma is ongoing. More books, more reading. Continue to teach english part-time. Oh, and I have my first private yoga student who I teach twice a week. A beginner who tries so hard. After three weeks and six lessons we have seen such wonderful changes to her body.   

I just love yoga


Today sees the launch of the last Harry Potter book, and how excited am I? Very!! They allow me to be the kid again as Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway series did.

Rowling is such a genius, and as a fellow Brit I am extremely proud of her – creating stories that have children around the world reading. How wonderful is it that children pick up these books and stay away from the TV, the computer?

Tears will flow, I have tissues at the ready. Hubby and I are off out into town in a minute to fetch our copy.

The rule in our household is that I have the right to read it first as it was I that bought the first few books and introduced hubby to the stories.

Also, in Japan today the fifth movie is released, tickets have been reserved for a showing this afternoon.

Happy reading to all that follow these beautiful books and THANK YOU JK Rowling.

Happy Harry Potter Dayxxx

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