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As I write this there are two, yes TWO durians sitting on my balcony. We went on another fruit run this afternoon and came across a fruit and veg market and found many wonderous delights. Of course mangos, rambutans, jackfruits, papayas. The list goes on. Unfortunately, my digital battery ran out, but I did take pics on my big funky camera for when I set up my website.

Back to the durians. Again cheap, can you guess how much. Bet you can’t – 120 baht for the two!!!! That’s like 4 dollars, 2 pounds and 440 yen. I pay 3000yen for one in Japan.

Another reason to move here.

My Food Today
papaya, banana and pineapple chunks
Orange juice


Salad;tommies, cucumber, lettuce and carrots
Dragonfruit or Pitaya

There are three types of dragonfruit.
*Pink skin, white flesh
*Pink skin, pink flesh
*Yellow skin, white flesh.

As you can see from the pics below, mine was the first type.
It is high in vitamins and fibre, and apparently helps fight colon cancer and diabetes. It helps aid digestion and if consumed frequently helps asthma.

To be honest, they don’t have much of a taste -mildly sweet. I think it would go nicely with mango.
Even if you don’t like it, it sure is pretty to look at.

Had a bad headache this morning, lack of sleep, so no yoga today.

After a swim, I put on my sneakers and went for my first jog since getting here. Ran for about 15 minutes on the beach. Running on sand is far from ideal, so I took a gentle pace.

Just don’t ask what I was listening to on my iPod!!


So, from previous blogs you will have seen that I haven’t had much to report on the food front. Happily eating fruit throughout the day when the mood takes me. To be honest I get so busy at times that I forget to eat. This is ridiculously unhealthy I know, especially when I do about 3-4 hours yoga a day. But I have always believed not to force oneself to eat if they simply are not hungry.

I went through a stage of calorie counting (years and years ago when at dance school). The calorie book kinda became my bible which I eventually had to burn. Not a healthy approach ( the calorie counting, not the burning of the book -that was a positive release). The point system on Weight Watchers is no better from what I can gather!!

Anyway, so far today I have had:

a handful of raw almonds and some grapes.

Not much I know, but I’m feeling just fine. Things will no doubt change next week when I get to Thailand and can have an abundant amount of fruit at my fingers tips.

My man is home early tonight so I am preparing dinner for us. Nothing too fancy (infact far from). The regular raw burritos. Chopped tommies, avocado, orange pepper, basil with a raw tahini, raw apple cider, mushroom and coriander sauce all wrapped up in lettuce leaves. Simple and yummy.

The lovely Valerie (her blog is a must read, a fantastic woman. Read it here) has encouraged me to record the extra few kilos I want to lose. Now I’m going to be away from scales for two weeks (did I mention I was going to Thailand!!!!! – slap me if you want), so I will weigh myself the morning I leave (Wednesday), record the yoga I do and the fruit I devour. Now in addition to this I am setting myself a challenge.

I have always wanted to run a marathon. Don’t ask why, just have. Some may think it goes against my yoga, but I think I can learn from it. To be honest I am crap at long distance. I once got detention at school for walking the 3500 meters as I didn’t want to run it. So, in Thailand I am going to start running (on the beach – how hard can that be???)

This blog therefore will be recording (as of Wednesday) my raw diet, my yoga, my marathon training, weight loss and any other general ramblings. Oh and my dance.

Hope this keeps you inerested.

BTW. Did I tell you I was going to Thailand…….??????

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