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Yes, I’m back in Thailand. Here for two weeks on a 100 hour pranayama course.  Part of my teacher training, but mainly for me to deepen my own pranayama practice. Will be a tough couple of weeks, but am most excited.

Was out and about today (course starts Monday), and found my durian supplier. Rather than buying a huge durian I purchased a couple of pieces for 50 baht. Will have those for breakfast and then the rest of tomorrow I’m on a 24 hour coconut fast. Something I just want to do while I’m here.

Also purchased a couple of mangos, dragon fruit and apples. Each day I will also have a juice, but as my breathing deepens I want my food a simple as possible.

Also headed to the Spa Village today and was most upset that they had sold out of their raw lasagne and raw pizza…had to go for the raw pad thai in the end, which was a little disappointing.

Bed calls. Saturday 8.20pm – I know how to rock and roll!!


Feels strange. Doesn’t really feel like Christmas, which is kind of nice. If we were in Japan, hubby and I would be working. Yet, there is a little sadness that I’m not with family in the UK. 

We headed out to the mountains to see some waterfalls. There were elephants treks there. Obviously, we didn’t take one as it is cruel. I did see one of the handlers hit one of the elephants with a stick for wandering off track slightly and I nearly burst into tears. The elephants look very sad. I hoped my face spoke to them as they sauntered passed me. I just wanted to set them free amongst the trees. 

Animals are not here for our entertainment. 

Animals are not here to be eaten.

Daily Munchings

The usual – spiralina and coconut, banana

After our climb to the waterfall, we happily drank coconut water and then munched on the meat

Green salad for dinner.

Really not that hungry today. 

My Practice

Was raining this morning, so the heat was different in the shala. More humid and my practice was great. Absolutely loved being on the mat. The pranayama session, just before the asana practice felt more connected. My breath was reaching places it didn’t normally reach. My concentration was deeper -and it continued right into the asana flow. 

Always reaching a new level in a pose, and enjoying the opening of the body. How slow can I take the breath? How far can the body open? How much can I lift my heart?

Learning as always.

Am lucky to have such great teachers.


Will download photos tomorrow. Share some of the magic I am surrounded by.

Am reading The Secret – perfect way to lead into 2009.

Colonic tomorrow.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone.

Hugs to Suvine (you sexy raw girl).


Everyday I choose an angel card. Have been doing so for over a year now. When I travel I take them with me. They speak to me. I learn from them. I like to flick through the pack sometimes and just look at the messages and focus on the pictures. I have a particular way of choosing my daily angel – the way I wish to keep secret, but there is one card that seems to come to me more often than the others and this really has helped me decide on my next venture. A venture essential to yoga, without it there is no yoga. More will be told in my New Year post.

Daily Munchings (wheatgrass and spirulina had run out this morning)

Before practice – 6.00am – MSM in water

Breakfast (10-ish) – Coconut (straight after my practice), 1 banana, Pineapple, ginger and coriander juice (amazing)

Lunch – (2.30-ih) – Apple, celery, carrot and parsley juice – perfect 

Dinner (6.00- ish) green salad and avocado

Am finishing eating before 7, making sure my body has time to digest prior to sleep.

My practice

I felt strong, connected. really flowed with the breath today. Hadn’t felt this strong for a long time. Yes, I have asanas to keep working deeper in, but the natural heat here really helps the body organically melt into a pose, while the muscles stay alive. 

I try and spend more than five breaths in poses where my body needs to open. Sometimes if I’m loving a pose I will spend longer in it. The mysore practice is a self practice. Work with where your body is at. I have never understood why people zoom their way through. Surely they are missing the beauty of the practice. As a teacher, I also listen to my body so I know how to explain deeper details of sensations arising to my students.

Every time I come to my mat I fall in love with yoga a little bit more.

Other things

The food at Yoga Thailand is vegetarian and 98% vegan. Low sugar, low fat. Healthy, organic produce. The first year I came here I was toying with becoming vegan (having been vegetarian for 20 years). The next time I was here I was more or less raw, so the staff would allow me to use the kitchen and use the fruit and veggies to make whatever I wanted. Now with the new place, (and because I am frequently here I think), the chef is playing with some raw recipes, which I have been asked to sample – of course I am happy to oblige. I have already sampled a soup, which was lovely just recommended adding a little bit of tumeric to add a bit of ZING. 

So if anyone fancies a yoga retreat, but are worried about food, please know that Yoga Thailand will accommodate your needs.

I need to sleep now. Up early to meditate and listen to my angel before practice.


sun through the coconut trees 

A week into my course at Yoga Thailand. What can I say? It is intense, classes all day – starting at 6.30am and usually retiring to my room at 9.00pm. So much to absorb, homework every night. Trying to make sense of the scribbles I have made throughout the day. New chants floating around my head, sanskrit numbers, yoga sutras. Hard work, but I am in my element. The teaching is fantastic. My fellow trainees are wonderful, so much support and energy. Feel most lucky to be here.

Can you See Big Buddha?  

Raw Munchings

Well this little yogi is in heaven. Am surrounded by delicious fruit. Although I am upset that durian is out of season. I did some research prior to my travels on the internet and was informed by a couple of sites that durian is here all year round, but that is simply not the case. There are still mangos, dragonfruit, guava, numerous kinds of pears and of course coconuts.

Recycling Coconuts  

Most mornings I have bananas or mango after my practice and water. Lunch is usually fruit based. Am wanting to keep my meals as simple as possible. I’m here to go inward, deepen, evolve, meditate, discover more about myself and I simply do not think one is able to do so if overloading the system with food. Some may disagree, but it’s the way I feel. Evenings there is a little organic salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber. Again, nothing that is going to over-stimulate my digestive system. Am trying to finish eating by 7pm, so my internal organs aren’t focussing on food during my sleep as I need a quality few hours on my pillow.


Avocados aren’t in season, but I have found a few imported ones – I need oils occasionally. I brought some flaxseed oil with me and am having a teaspoon of that everyday.

Yummy - good food   

The great thing about Thailand is that wherever you go you can find fresh smoothies and juices. Makes me question, why am I living in Tokyo? Actually a number of questions are coming up. As I mentioned before I’m on a journey of self inquiry –  the tears are yet to come and I am sure they will in the coming four weeks. But, Koh Samui is where my heart is. Has been for a long time, hence my numerous returns. What should I do about this? Should I honor it and consider settling here, I mean seriously consider. Or should this island be the place where I come and retreat every so often? 

Tomorrow I leave Japan for five weeks, to the place where I call my sanctuary – Koh Samui, Thailand.At the moment I am overcome with emotion. I have waited for this next step in my yogic path for a long time, and am incredibly excited although nervous. I’m actually feeling a little sick at the thought of it all, but once it starts I know all will be good – intense, but good. I’m looking forward to cleansing myself internally and externally, taking myself to whole new level. Will  enjoy my practice and watch it evolve. There will be challenges, aren’t there always? The challenges and the way I deal with them will be a reflection on how I deal with life. I will be surrounded by fruits..all colors, all sizes. Expect lots of pics, a number of updates. I hope you enjoy this next phase in my lifexxxx 

As I write this I am sat outside my home of the last two weeks drinking fresh coconut. We leave paradise in just a few hours.

Am always sad when I leave Koh Samui. All feels so right for me here. The good news is my hubby isn’t not wanting to move here. We have discussed it and although it won’t be anytime soon, he has definately warmed to the idea of late. I could run raw yoga retreats. How great would that be???

So as the retreat finishes I have sweated the Tokyo toxins out of me and breathed in as much fresh air as my lungs can take. I’m relaxed, tanned, toned, as ready to start my dance classes and yoga teacher training. Alot of exciting things ahead of me.

Oh, before I forget. Something that I haven’t discussed in my blog is my elimination. It’s never the nicest things to discuss is it, but i feel it is something i should mention.

The first few days here I was constipated. That is nothing unusual: different climate, travel etc…it continued. Then I passed just a little, then nothing for 36 hours then this morning the unpleasant ‘runs’….

I’m hoping all the fruit and sweating has really cleansed my intestines.

So not to leave on an unpleasant note, I look forward to seeing what is served on the flight home. Let’s hope Air India does me proud again.

See you back in Tokyo…

Damn bloody thing!!! I wrote a really long blog and then it disappeared. I didn’t press a thing…How annoying is that?

I’m managing to sleep better, although the wild dreams are still present. Can’t make them out at all when I sit down and try to analyze them.

I was getting really grotty when I wasn’t sleeping. My yoga practice was suffering and I just seemed lost throughout the day – not knowing whether I was coming or going. Feeling a little more grounded today.

What Have I Been Eating
Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. I’m going to leave Thailand resembling a mango or durian. Our last durian sadly let us down, quite a sour taste. Can’t complain though – as we have been lucky with the others and this island has spoiled with fruit for the last 10 days.
I am looking forward to having a few more greens next week, as I do feel my body need them and as for the avocados from the previous blog…still not ripe and I REALLY want one.

My yoga practice
I took my rest day yesterday so my practice today was a lot stronger and my hamstrings weren’ crying to me to stop! My arms feel twice the size than what they were 10 days ago due to the number of chaturangas I have been doing.
I have fallen in love with ashtanga again and am looking forward to continuing it back home along side my vinyasa flow.
Below is a photo of me this morning doing Marichyasana D – an asana that in the past has allowed me release a lot of emotions. I still have a few challenges with this pose, but slowly and with deep yogic breaths I am getting there.


Today we headed into Chaweng. It’s a town on the East side of the island and is revolting. Touristy, smelly, loud, dirty. I really hate going there, but we needed to get something. Whilst there I had a scrummy banana shake (banana and ice).


Hubby and our friend Verena got mango juices ALTHOUGH we saw the assistant slip some cartoned mango juice into the juicer!!!!!!


Can someone explain to me what a ninja crepe is please?


Found some spiked limes?????


Here we are. Hubby doing the traditional Japanese cutesy (supposedly) ‘V’ sign.


Wherever you are enjoy the Easter weekend.

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