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As I write this I am sat at the Spa Samui, second night in a row actually. Great raw food on the menu, and I am taking advantage of having the opportunity to ‘eat out’. Something that I can rarely do in Tokyo.

Am in my paradise, and am sampling as many juices as I can (even though only day 2). Have been out all day and have had juices throughout at various places. And of course there have been coconuts.

I am in my paradise for a month, but as of Saturday will be studying yoga, so am using my ‘free time’ to head out before the studies begin.

I have raw pizza on the way and am drinking a Wheatgrass Pina Colada, and I have to say it is going down rather smoothly. I may to treat myself to another one.

Seems strange not to be on a schedule. I am not used to it, but am learning not to be checking the time constantly. I love this pace of life. Yes, next week  will have commitments, and times I need to be in class, but will less people, less external things over-stimulating your senses, everything is so much easier.

So, I am wanting to get back on track with this blog. Informing readers of my daily eating habits, new recipes, food knowledge and more about my new role as a Holistic Health Counselor.

For now, I need to get back to my pizza. I know a lady can multitask, but I do not believe in doing anything while eating. Simply sit and enjoy your food.


Been here a week now and you have guessed it, it is as magical as ever.

I’m studying with a wonderful man called Tiwari . Everytime he enters the shala you can sense excitement in the air. He watches us all through our pranayama in the morning and afternoon sessions. Leading us through breathing techniques, and never misses a thing…..

We have daily Mysore as well. It’s hot and sweaty and my muscles feel long.

Raw Girl in Japan while studying in Thailand has been eating lots of goodness.

  • Wheatgrass and coconut and spirulina in the mornings after practice.
  • Variety of juices – cucumber and celery being a firm favorite at present.
  • DURIAN…..yes tis the season to eat durian tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.
  • Gorgeous red apples.
  • MANGOS……

The other night I had to eat some steamed spinach, as I was craving dark greens and spinach was on the menu. Was mixed with coconut oil and nut – and I did enjoy it, but AM NOT GOING BACK TO COOKED FOOD.

Been taking psyillium as well, as I’m a little constipated. Drinking it in hot water.

Had two Thai massages and on Monday my friend and I experienced our first Infra-Red Sauna. Was very HOT. Felt great after, and had the smoothest skin. Said it helps reduce fatty cells. Will report back next week when I’ve had it a couple of more time.

Been doing a lot of thinking while here. Figuring out my direction in Tokyo. Some people have let me down, so am having trust issues at present. Just going to try and make my own way in my fields of interest and knowledge. I have realized that I also need to keep quiet about some of my ideas, as I have discovered some people taking them….Just wish there was more support.

Just allowing the universe guide me. The way it should be.

Yes, I’m back in Thailand. Here for two weeks on a 100 hour pranayama course.  Part of my teacher training, but mainly for me to deepen my own pranayama practice. Will be a tough couple of weeks, but am most excited.

Was out and about today (course starts Monday), and found my durian supplier. Rather than buying a huge durian I purchased a couple of pieces for 50 baht. Will have those for breakfast and then the rest of tomorrow I’m on a 24 hour coconut fast. Something I just want to do while I’m here.

Also purchased a couple of mangos, dragon fruit and apples. Each day I will also have a juice, but as my breathing deepens I want my food a simple as possible.

Also headed to the Spa Village today and was most upset that they had sold out of their raw lasagne and raw pizza…had to go for the raw pad thai in the end, which was a little disappointing.

Bed calls. Saturday 8.20pm – I know how to rock and roll!!

Am flying ANA to Bangkok next month as I return to deepen my yoga with a 100 hour pranayama training.

Anyway, just tried to book a fruit platter and was met with a NO….but they are going to contact the caterers about a special raw, vegan meal. I explained that just fruit (apple, grapes, banana) would be adequate for such a flight and again met with NO….

Am following this up.


I’ll be back eating these..


I arrive back in Thailand on Thursday 12th March. Friday 13th will be a coconut detox day.




More yoga work.

Nutrition consultations.

Yoga and food workshops.

Am abundant in health, happiness and love – am just incredibly lucky.

Wanted to share some pictures.

Breakfast at Yoga Thailand

Coconut and Rambatans




A plate full of delights


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