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Back on track. Started with a 24 hour water cleanse. Considering the hectic day I was full of energy at 10pm last night.

During the first week I’m starting each day with Vaman Dhauti a yoga cleansing technique for the stomach. Not the most pleasant of things, but over time you get used to it and it becomes easier. It is basically vomiting salt water. A LOT of water. You should feel great after. Removes any nastiness in the stomach. If would read up on it before trying and speak to someone who practices this technique before trying it yourself.

So following the ‘purge’ I allowed my stomach to rest for a while.

The rest of the day follows like this.

  • Water with MSM
  • water
  • water
  • water
  • water
  • water

I kind of lost count of how much water I drank as I was subbing two extra classes yesterday and was sipping here and there through class.

I didn’t get to do my own practice as my shoulder hurts and I was doing a lot when teaching and adjusting. My body is wanting to heal, so I will let it do just that.



AArrgghhh!!! Sore throat, swollen glands, lying in bed. Hate feeling like this – useless and pathetic. I’ve been stressing alot about my upcoming course and worrying that my yoga diploma has taken a back seat for a while. My munchings have been sporadic and somewhat small. I have to take more care of myself, especially now I’m a yoga teacher. It’s important to stay healthy and full of energy as this is what your students feed off.

Refuse t ever feel like this again – take it as a lesson learned.

Am sipping on a smoothie as I write – Oj, mango, banana, raspberries, flaxseed oil and maca, courtesy of hubby.

Purchased a big bag of clementines yesterday and that is what I will eat over the weekend as I will be out and about. Am attending several workshops with the ashtanga teacher Chuck Miller: backbends, shoulder openers, inversions, and a teacher training workshop. Have never attended one of Chuck’s workshops before.

Tomorrow’s classes will be followed by an evening kirtan with Gina Sala at
Sun and Moon in Meguro (my home). Just hope my voice is back to sing and chant – then again maybe it’s a blessing if it stays away so no one else has to suffer as I use my vocal chords!!

With the yukkiness in my body today I do feel my body is crying out for a fast, so with light meals over the weekend, Monday will be a water fast from noon till noon on Tuesday. I’m not teaching on Monday, just going to an ashtanga class, Tuesday sees me teaching in the evening, by which time I will have eaten so I will be fine.

I intend to fast once a week. Should be easy to do when in Thailand, then maybe not if surrounded by durian, coconuts and all other beautiful fruits of the world.

Yes, Thailand is just a week away. I leave next Saturday. The TTC starts on Monday. Sunday will start with a Mysore practice in the morning, followed by a coconut. A few hours spent on the beach and then off into the next town Nathon to get my fruit. Have never been so excited about fruit shopping before and I still have a week to go. Is this how people feel when they plan to shop at Prada or Gucci? What a buzz…would much rather spend my pennies on a mango than an overpriced dress!

So back to now, before I drift off into Thailand heaven.

Yesterday I returned to the new raw restaurant in Tokyo, Veggie Paradise. For those who are interested in going, you need to go out the south exit at Yoyogi-uehara station. Walk up the hill for about 30 seconds and Veggie Paradise is down a street on the left. Very easy to find – I get lost in Tokyo easily and I found it!

I met with my friend KC (love you KC), who chatted to myself and a friend Mutsumi (who has just attended a raw food course in the states). KC is writing an article on raw food and nutrition for an expat magazine here. We chatted for a good 2 hours while eating yummy food (raw pumpkin soup, salad with shitake dressing, mushrooms with a cashew cheesy sauce, seaweed salad). We discussed a number of topics, not sure if I should discuss them here as I want to see the magazine article first and then maybe elaborate. What I did notice was my passion for this subject. I don’t think I had recognized it before. Was like someone had walked in a dropped a pineapple on my head and said ‘look – you can make this work here’.

So I came away buzzing, full of ideas. Thinking of yoga and raw food retreats to run here in Japan (would give us a chance to run away from the concrete and out towards the ocean). Then today I wake up feeling like crap!

Will be back on track this weekend, with the yoga and things. Living life to the full, but being more aware of my energy levels – I just get so excited though and keep going and going them wham! I’m lying in bed.

Need to get my webpages up. Many ideas, would still like your input though as to what you would like to see. Hopefully they will be ready to view late January.

So, I will leave you with some photos of yesterday.

Veggie Paradise







So clean fresh, spacious, relaxing


And to finish with, our new babies. Three stray cats that have found home on my balcony. Simply adorable.


Stay warm and healthy

……and the ‘to do’ sticky list on my computer is getting longer. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

So much going on I simply do not know where to start. How about the teacher training?

After six months of waiting my first yoga teacher training course started on Saturday. A lovely group of 18 students and 5 teachers came together in an opening circle to chant ‘Aum’ and share their yogic path experiences. When it came to me to share I nearly cried as I realized how and when this path started for me and where I am now – really very emotional. Wasn’t all doom and gloom, I managed some typical British irony as well!

The first session discussed the history of yoga and Sunday looked at anatomy – a fave of mine. I have always been fascinated with the body and what is can do. I was born standing on my head and continued dancing, gamboling and doing the splits as I grew that my parents finally set me to dance school and gymnastics (haha). When I studied dance professionally I hung onto every word my anatomy teacher said and even now love reading about muscles, joints and bones.

One thing that did arise, but there was little discussion of was nutrition. A couple of vegetarian/vegans said how difficult they found it eating in Japan and people constantly questioned their diet. My yoga teacher said ‘Em’s a raw vegan, that’s tough’. A short discussion started and it simply boils down to the old boring incorrect information;calcium can only be found in dairy and protein in meat…blah, blah, blah! Dairy is still relatively new in Japan. When I arrived seven years ago you could only really find cheese slices in the supermarket. Japan isn’t a a land of cows – beef being imported, so again this is new. Therefore to sell these products false information is being dished out left, right and center. The outcome of all the discussion iwas if people have questions about food while on the course I am only too happy to assist. Would be a great opportunity for me. One girl even asked me to put together some recipes to distribute amongst the group. How great is that?

I now have 2 sets of homework and all the notes to type up from both sessions added to my list of things to do. I love it really.

Someone also asked if they could interview me about my dance and yoga classes for a magazine in Tokyo. Am very excited about this. There’s not much contemporary dance in Japan still, so I’m hoping this will spread the word and also publicise my classes.

Let’s get talking about food. Really it’s been the same ole’, same ole’. Smoothies and fruit. I have some yellow watermelon in the fridge and another durian. Times when I’m busy I forget to eat, which is naughty I know. My lunchbox continues to go with me wherever I go packed with grapes and strawberries. I popped into the suppermarket yesterday and lychees are coming back in season. Full of vitamin C, it is said that if you eat three lychees a day you will have met a third of the recommended dose for an adult?!? I can easily demolish several lychees in one sitting as there isn’t much too them.

I will be water fasting again Wednesday through to Thursday, before that I have a durian to devour (will be thinking of you Harmony).

Blogging will be every two to three days over the next few weeks due to workload. I promise to answer your questions so please keep the comments and emails coming.



Hi there. So, what do I have to share with you all today? My 24 hour water fast that’s what. The reason I have chosen to incorporate them into my life is to allow my digestive system to have a wee break. Even though my meals are simple and I don’t over-indulge I believe our stomachs require a rest. We rest our feet if we’re tired, our bodies if we’re sick, but really what do we do for our internal systems? Ok, we sleep and our digestive system starts to cleanse, then we awake and fill it up again – it’s like our system is in a no win situation. Now, I don’t eat breakfast everyday, I just don’t feel the need and I don’t think we should force something down our throats because we have for numerous years been told ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. I think you should eat when you are ready to eat and then chose something that isn’t going to cause your stomach to go into overdrive.

So, how did I do? The fasting itself came easy to me, I love water and I don’t eat big meals throughout the day and on some days find myself just munching on pieces of fruit here and there. I had no embarrassing stomach rumblings and generally felt ok. The problem was my insomnia. I suffer from it for about 5-7 days a month. I had slept just 2 hours on Tuesday night and did actually consider leaving the fast till today or tomorrow, but I felt I needed to do it.

I had a banana in the morning. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to stomach any smoothie-it’s how I always feel when I haven’t slept. I drank a glass of water, filled my water flask with filtered water then headed out to teach some privates. The morning was just fine, energy was ok, my students were great. I sipped on the water throughout the morning. Came home early afternoon, drank a couple of glasses of water, filled up the water flask then headed to the yoga studio. I always cycle to the station to then catch a train into central Tokyo. I sat on the train and I literally felt my energy leave my body. I closed my eyes and listened to my Ipod. I got to the yoga studio and my energy lifted. The studio I go to has always been my sanctuary and has lifted me in my darkest moments – and yesterday it did the same for the energy. I did one class and by the end I was wiped out. I came home and continued to take small sips of water throughout the evening feeling lifeless. Went to bed around 10.30 and slept. Boy, did I sleep – 9 hours, very unlike me.

I’ve just had some coconut water. Was wanting to break the fast with watermelon, but forgot to buy some yesterday. D’oh!

I feel fine. I really don’t think my lifeless state was anything to do with the cleanse, it was the lack of sleep from the night before. So lesson learned, don’t water fast when surviving on no sleep.

I’ll do it again next week and will try and go to a sauna as well, just to help detoxify and relax.

I have a passion fruit in the kitchen so will have that later then will probably have a green smoothie. We’ll see.

Japanese Lesson
Seeing that today’s focus was water, I though that should be the word of the day.

water – mizu

Have a good day.

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