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Again, I have been receiving some lovely messages – thanks all you rock. Ladybugz I answered your question in a comment under my last blog. Travis and Jamie I have sent you both emails.

Raw Munchings
Was ravenous when I awoke this morning, and happily demolished sliced banana and half an avacado. Was very unlike me as I really am not a breakfast person, but maybe it was due to being out all day yesterday?!? I sat and ate with mashed avocado on my face – natural facial cleanse. If it’s good enough for our insides it’s good for the outside too.

As I write I’m drinking freshly squeezed watermelon. Really hitting the spot now that the weather is heating up here in Tokes. Seeing that watermelon is widely available here at present I think I will a 48 hour watermelon cleanse – both eating a drinking watermelon. Will do it on Saturday and Sunday as I have a lot of fruit in the apartment at the moment and if I know there is a mango nearby the cleanse will be broken. Those darn mangos for being so delicious and always tempting me.

Raw Yogini

Just finished a two hour home practice. Worked on the hamstrings and psoas. I’m teaching tonite so was playing and preparing for the class. I feel my body is strong enough for more advanced asanas, more arm balances. My body is light, but strong. I have had to do alot of work on my upper body – I had an inbalance lower body stronger, upper weak. My body is balancing out now.
I like to play with asanas at home, spend more more time on my ‘challenges’ and allow my body to open to the pose.
I’m lucky.

I taught two classes yesterday – one kids class then a beginners. Today I teach a vinyasa flow and Yin. Have been offered some more teaching work. How fortunate I am that all just falls into place. I can’t get over how different my life is compared to the one I had 12 months ago. I’m living my dream

Raw Discovering
A few entries back I shared with you all that i used to be anorexic. I was 20, at dance college and recovering from a back injury. Am I fully recovered? Does anyone ever fully recover? I have learned why is all started and it wasn’t to do with the stereotypical thin dancer syndrome. It was personal issues from my childhood.
I saw a counsellor (no help), saw a nutritionalist who was lovely but never really guided me. Made me keep a diary and kept track of my weight. She never commented on the food I ate, just kinda laughed that I ate veggie sausages!!

It’s got me thinking can a raw vegan diet help a recovering anorexic or anyone with an eating disorder?

I have been watching some of the anorexic documentaries on Youtube recently. The first one was THIN – following 4 girls at the Renfrew Center in Florida. What shocked me was how unhealthy the meals being dished up were. The focus was to offer ‘high calorie’ meals, yet there was a high fat content too – yukky, nasty cling to your arteries fat. And I’m sorry, but judging by the size of some of the carers at the center they lived off this kind of stuff daily. They really weren’t promoting the diet in any shape or form.

Anorexics get to a point where calories do control their lives, so why tell them that they have to consume a certain number a day to gain weight? Couldn’t there be more focus on the nutritional value. Couldn’t it highlight the meals are simple? The simplisity keeps you feeling light yet satisfied.Explain that including fruit in your diet just doesn’t mean having an apple.

People with eating disorders probably haven’t eaten big meals in a long, long time, so why force them to eat something that will physically and mentally upset them?

If you think I am rambling, I’m sorry. I would love to hear anyone elses opinions on this matter. We all know the raw diet is a healing diet, I think the introduction of such a diet could help.

I’ll leave it there for now.


This is wonderful.
Joel I salute you.

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