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So here I am in Ubud in Bali. I planned the trip back in April and booked to attend an ashtanga week with Sharath. Been looking forward to it for ages, but alas last week I was struck down with a nasty chest infection which triggered an asthma attack. So made the decision to back of ashtanga for a couple of weeks, but came to Bali anyway to heal with raw food and gentle yoga.

While here I have been eating at KAFE and it’s sister eatery Little K. Have taken some photos which will be posted later this week. I also have two private raw food classes booked, so am excited about being a student and learning.

I really do want to keep on top of this blog now as so much is happening. Am now training to become a Health Counsellor and am also part of karen Knowler’s Living Magically on Raw coaching. Although am raw, thought it would be a great way to see what Karen does and meet some like minded people.

This blog will return to the daily munchings of AvocadoGirl as of tomorrow and more about raw in Japan. Also my yoga.

This blog lost direction for a long while, simply because I didn’t know where I was going with my yoga and diet, ┬ábut it’s getting back on track as I living life to it’s fullest and want to share.

Check back tomorrow.

Oh, and although I am in Bali it doesn’t mean I have lost my love for Thailand.


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