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Thank you for your messages and emails of concern.

The earthquake on Monday was big and my heart goes out to all those who have suffered up in Niigata.

Tokyo shook for at least a minute and several things fell to the ground in an apartment. As soon as it started I knew that it was serious near the epicenter.

Will email more over the next couple of days. Lots to share. Have some Japanese greens in the fridge – just trying to find some information for you all.

Love, Love


Yesterday, Ishikawa in western Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake killing one person and injuring many.

Here in Tokyo (on the eastern side) an aftershock could be felt only in the tall buildings, my husband and I felt nothing in our first floor apartment.

There have been numerous aftershocks in the Ishikawa area since yesterday’s disaster,again nothing has been felt here on the East side.

Thank you for the emails asking about us.

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