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Hi all – feeling a little under the weather. Full of cold and a little achey – just want to sleep. So am taking it easy today.
This has allowed time for me to sort out some photos.

Due to the heat here in Tokyo, I have been drinking a lot of smoothies. Don’t feel like eating when it’s so hot and humid. Have also been having fruity almond milk shakes.

Anyway here are the pics.

Places near my apartment
We have a lovely park, allotments, bamboo. Japan isn’t all neon lights and in a state of mad frenzy. I particularly like the last pic of the elderly guy…





Local food

Yet, we can’t find where to buy the produce….






What’s in my tummy?

Smoothies and a nice avocado as I look out at the Pacific Ocean







The western diet in Tokyo

Krispy Kreme is in central Tokyo – people line up to get in. This pic was taken on a Thursday afternoon, the second shows the waiting time!!!!



No explaination really – taken at the Sun and Moon studio, Meguro, Tokyo



Yogic Kitty

Yoga runs in the family



Why ‘o’ why only 24 hours in a day? Have a few moments so thought I would bring everyone up to scratch in EmLand (to be a new theme park in Florida opening next summer)!!!

Raw Munchings
ALOT of avocados. When out on the run, they are just so filling. I started taking lettuce leaves out with me, just to make quick wraps here and there. Devouring yellow cherry tommies too. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
Was going to make a smoothie this morn with some coconut water, but when I came to open the coconut it was far from healthy. Brown and yukky!! Actually, I kind of slaughtered the coconut, haven’t got the hang of opening one yet.

Raw Yogini
I’m tired and it is affecting my personal practice. I’m keeping to basic asanas at the moment, but staying fulling focussed on the breath which is most important.
Am loving teaching, but what with the TTC, planning my lessons, teaching and my English teaching too I am wiped out. This is the first morning in 10 where I have been home. Decided in August I’m going to take a week off from English teaching, so I can have time to myself and head to the beach and work on my diploma (which has taken a back seat).
Yesterday I was offered more yoga teaching. This will just be once in a while. Really flexible schedule, great person setting them up.
Teaching Dance Vinyasa tonight, am receiving some great feedback about the class and have had a number of people upset as the class time is too earlyand they can’t make it. Am also doing another dance workshop at the end of August.
Lots of requests for raw workshops as well.

48 hours in a day please.

Left Over Ramblings
A few months back I wrote wanted to run the Tokyo marathon next year.
Looking at what will be happening in the coming months I don’t think I will be training to partake. I really want to do it, but I have to be sensible and take care of myself – my yoga comes first and ensuring my students get the classes they deserve they need a teacher who is being compassionate to themself.
I also wrote about an ayurveda consultation I had while in Thailand. I really want to share what was discussed and will do once the TTC is completed – just 2 weeks left.

Nihongo Lesson

Lettuce – le -ta-su (Japanese sound re-ta-su)

Have a wonderful weekend

Hello all. First of all thank you so much for my birthday greetings, means alot. Love, love coming your way.xxx

Today’s Raw Munchings
Well my hubby treated me this morning to a smoothie in bed (well futon). Orange juice, strawberries, maca and flaxseed oil. A simple combination yet really wakens your cells and muscles giving you that morning kick.

As I write this I’m drinking a green smoothie – is obviously smoothie day for me. maybe in my old age I’m getting too lazy to chew..hahaha!!! Again nothing to out of the ordinary for this smoothie, but hits that afternoon spot to get me through the rest of the day; lettuce, spinach, ashitaba, tomatoes and avocado.

The Ingredients

Viola!!!! And look what’s sitting behind it!


The tomatoes really add sweetness to a green smoothie and the ashitaba gives it a kick similar to coriander.

Raw Yogini
I haven’t done a practice today, but I have a vinyasa and restorative class this evening. Restorative is such a devine way to end the day, letting your muscles relax, your body surrendering. If you get the chance to attend such a class near you I highly recommend it. It’s also a good way to get your body used to moving if you are recovery from an injury or operation.

I am happy to report that I have been accepted on the Yoga Thailand teacher training course later this year. I will be heading back to my sanctuary in November for 5 weeks to work towards my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. I received the news last Wednesday, a lovely, early birthday present. There is alot of preperation required for this course, but my current studies will obviously support this.

Here are a couple of pics of me, yogaing and having fun.


Leftover Ramblings
Just to finish off today, I went shopping this morning. Now, one of my birthday pressies was a wonderful shopping bag with an elephant and the word ‘Happy’ on it. Lovely and colorful. My yoga teacher got it me as she said I am always happy and I make her happy. She wrote a most touching message in her card that brought tears to my eyes.
Back to the bag, it got used this morning with all the produce I purchased and here’s a photo. You can see the bag in the back


Oh, and here’s a pic of my kitty cat eating her greens. Good kitty….


Nihongo Lesson

spinach – hourensou

Om shanti

Second entry today.

Just wanted to post a photo to see if you could guess what I was going to make.


AND….look what’s for breakfast tomorrow.

I am happy to report we have lots of lovely food. Spinach, rocket, lettuce, coriander, basil, peppers, mushrooms, tommies (yellow and red), avocados, mangos (after all I am the mango whore), papaya, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Opening the fridge door is like a big adventure – what to have, what to make, how much…ahhhh good food overload!!

I am even happier to report that I have found a place selling coconuts, 580yen not cheap but really not too expensive. I’m going to have to get a couple. Sometimes adding some coconut water to a smoothie just gives it that little kick, you know the zing and voila…I’m back in Thailand.

Apparently coconut water contains a range of B vitamins (excluding 6 and 12). Also folic acid and Vitamin C.

I am not too happy that the durian wasn’t ready for brekkie this morning. Ah well, tomorrow it should be and I was lucky that hubby brought me breakfast in bed this morning (well not bed futon). He did his all time classic of freshly squeezed OJ, papaya, berries and flaxseed oil. He’s such a hon.

Back to the futon/bed thing. Do you think Japanese people say, ‘It’s futon time’. ‘Make sure you make your futon before you leave this house’. ‘daddy, can I have a futontime story please?’ ‘Son, I found your porn under the futon!’

Me just been stupid. Spring seems to have finally sprung here after rain, rain and more rain.

Last night I went to yoga and practiced the 5 Tibetan Rites.
Now, I had read about them in them past yet never tried/practiced them until last night. What a wonderful feeling of lightness, openness and strength. The bonus part is that at the beginning you get to spin round like a kid, without anyone telling you ‘Don’t do that, you’ll fall and hurt yourself’ (ah the memories). Once you get into the exercises they naturally start to flow and I felt like I was dancing.

I am therefore going to add them to my practice, means I will be getting up earlier, but hey anything that will aid health, keep me looking young and keep my spine juicy then I’m going to give it a go.

Off to the fridge now to go on another adventure. Yum!

Damn bloody thing!!! I wrote a really long blog and then it disappeared. I didn’t press a thing…How annoying is that?

I’m managing to sleep better, although the wild dreams are still present. Can’t make them out at all when I sit down and try to analyze them.

I was getting really grotty when I wasn’t sleeping. My yoga practice was suffering and I just seemed lost throughout the day – not knowing whether I was coming or going. Feeling a little more grounded today.

What Have I Been Eating
Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. I’m going to leave Thailand resembling a mango or durian. Our last durian sadly let us down, quite a sour taste. Can’t complain though – as we have been lucky with the others and this island has spoiled with fruit for the last 10 days.
I am looking forward to having a few more greens next week, as I do feel my body need them and as for the avocados from the previous blog…still not ripe and I REALLY want one.

My yoga practice
I took my rest day yesterday so my practice today was a lot stronger and my hamstrings weren’ crying to me to stop! My arms feel twice the size than what they were 10 days ago due to the number of chaturangas I have been doing.
I have fallen in love with ashtanga again and am looking forward to continuing it back home along side my vinyasa flow.
Below is a photo of me this morning doing Marichyasana D – an asana that in the past has allowed me release a lot of emotions. I still have a few challenges with this pose, but slowly and with deep yogic breaths I am getting there.


Today we headed into Chaweng. It’s a town on the East side of the island and is revolting. Touristy, smelly, loud, dirty. I really hate going there, but we needed to get something. Whilst there I had a scrummy banana shake (banana and ice).


Hubby and our friend Verena got mango juices ALTHOUGH we saw the assistant slip some cartoned mango juice into the juicer!!!!!!


Can someone explain to me what a ninja crepe is please?


Found some spiked limes?????


Here we are. Hubby doing the traditional Japanese cutesy (supposedly) ‘V’ sign.


Wherever you are enjoy the Easter weekend.

This is just a short blog tonight. Am going through my insomnia phase and after the 2 hour pratice I had this morning and travelling to another island, my eyelids are finally closing.

Anyway just wanted to share a couple of photos.
Will write more tomorrow.

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