Raw Girl in Japan

As I write this I am sat at the Spa Samui, second night in a row actually. Great raw food on the menu, and I am taking advantage of having the opportunity to ‘eat out’. Something that I can rarely do in Tokyo.

Am in my paradise, and am sampling as many juices as I can (even though only day 2). Have been out all day and have had juices throughout at various places. And of course there have been coconuts.

I am in my paradise for a month, but as of Saturday will be studying yoga, so am using my ‘free time’ to head out before the studies begin.

I have raw pizza on the way and am drinking a Wheatgrass Pina Colada, and I have to say it is going down rather smoothly. I may to treat myself to another one.

Seems strange not to be on a schedule. I am not used to it, but am learning not to be checking the time constantly. I love this pace of life. Yes, next week  will have commitments, and times I need to be in class, but will less people, less external things over-stimulating your senses, everything is so much easier.

So, I am wanting to get back on track with this blog. Informing readers of my daily eating habits, new recipes, food knowledge and more about my new role as a Holistic Health Counselor.

For now, I need to get back to my pizza. I know a lady can multitask, but I do not believe in doing anything while eating. Simply sit and enjoy your food.


Triple blog later today.

Am feeling FABULOUS.

At 11.00am today I could still be found in bed. Had a deep sleep (occasionally disturbances from Kitten), but awoke with no headache and feeling really good.

What I did find today was a growling stomach. Continuous growls. I apologize to those who may have heard it far, far away. Hubby wanted to know what was going on in there. I wish I could have explained, as the odd thing was I simply was not hungry. No cravings for anything (bananas, mangoes, salads, smoothies). I simply have not wanted to eat a thing all day. This mat be seen as a good thing, but this is a FEAST and not a FAST.

What is the difference between a juice feast and a juice fast?

A fast lowers your juice consumption, decreasing nutrition and calorie intake. In a feast you are aiming to still consume the nutrition and calories your body requires to function as it should do. Due to this reason, you can stay on a feast longer than you can a fast, while reaping from the cleansing benefits, which I will discuss in later blog entries.

During a fast your metabolism slows down, therefore leading to energy slumps, which I do not want to experience. Maybe I just need to drink the juice regardless of my not wanting any.

Considering little juice inside of me I feel really good.

Today’s menu

  • MSM and water
  • 1 quart kale, apple, carrot and ginger
  • 2 tbsp Coconut oil

Below are some photos of the this evenings juice that really was most yummy.

The ingredients

The Glorious Juice

The Aftermath

So not to waste the pulp we used it as compost for our outdoor plant. No waste in this household!!

Back tomorrow


So, let me be blatantly honest here, today has been a tough day. I’m not feeling hungry. In fact trying to get all this juice inside me is proving to be a struggle. I awoke with a headache, despite having a blissful sleep. Throughout the day I started to feel weak and the usual ‘zest for life’ that I usually have was amiss. Tight, tight shoulders. Painful neck. I wanted my hot water and to hibernate. I wasn’t expecting to feel so…what’s the word I’m looking for?….mmmmm….CRAP!!!! Then at 6.00pm while teaching, low and behold, TURN AWAY BOYS – I got my period. I think the combination of the start of the feast and this so-called ‘ladies holiday’, had stunned my body somewhat.

Questions have started to come my way as to why am I doing this? Why so long? What can and can not be consumed?  I ask that you read in the coming days to get the answers in full. I intend to cover as much as possible in the days to come.

What I will add here is trying to fit all in in the morning is a challenge. I’m out most of the day, so everything needs to be prepared in the morning. This morning I didn’t get my pranayama or asana practice in at all, as one, I felt so grotty and two, I simply don’t have the routine down in the morning. But hey, it’s just my second day. What I have learned is the need to plan my juices and buy the ingredients the day before.  Doing this has given me the idea to also note how much this is costing (starting tomorrow).

So today’s menu:

  • MsM and water (this will be a regular)
  • 2 quarts kale, apple and ginger with hemp oil
  • 1 quart celery and cucumber
  • Copious amounts of water
  • one tea

I drank all the celery and cucumber which was most refreshing and will be making regular appearances, but I just couldn’t get through all the juice. It’s not a case of my body rebelling, I simply am not hungry. Hopefully things will shift in the next couple of days.

The most shocking thing is though, I had no coconut!!!! Although, I did give a lesson on how to open a young coconut with a not so good knife. I have a friend who ‘slaughters’ these wonderful nuts and he really needed to learn how to control his frustration….

Oh, and to end with I had a regular bowel movement. I said I would be honest and share. You can expect this info daily. I can highlight it in a certain color if you wish not to read about it, so you know to skip to the next heading. Or write a heading ‘Poop talk’, as a warning? Which one?

I’m going to end on that note.

See you on Saturday


Dear, dear blog- I have neglected you for so long. How will you ever forgive me?  Maybe if I promise to write for the next two months solidly, describing in full honesty what happens as I venture on the longest cleanse I have ever done?? And there will be pictures as well to make you look pretty.

Forgiven….yes…thank you!!

So, yes here I am. Why did I take so long to return? Many, many reasons all of which will be revealed. For now let’s come to the present, I am here and committed to sharing  and as I write I have a killer detox headache. Tiger balm has been applied and am hoping lavender and sesame oil on my feet will soon have me in a deep slumber.

I initially thought of doing this feast for 45 days, but then I’m not one for odd numbers (?).  Inspired by the ever so gorgeous Philip McCluskey , I thought I would go for the full 60. Thanks Philip. Will be off the feast in time for my birthday, so fingers crossed I can get hubby to buy me a sexy dress and I will look fabulous for a night out on the town. Oh, so vain!!

Here we are at Day 1. An odd number (aarrgghh)!! Not much to report unless you wish me to drone on about killer headache?!? No? Didn’t think so.

  • MSM and lemon in water.
  • 2 quarts kale, apple and ginger
  • 1 quart carrot and ginger
  • Coconut and spirulina
  • Wheatgrass powder in water
  • Tablespoon coconut oil (melted in front of heater)

The tough part of this was not adding the coconut meat in with the water and spirulina combo. Will use it for raw desserts for hubby I suppose.

Loving the kale, hard to find here, so it really is a treat.

I’m meant to be drink up to 4 quarts of juice a day, but I know I will find this a struggle.

So that is it for the first day. I need to sign off and get to bed. Daily reports to come. Juice recipes, enema talk (oh the joy), yoga chat and information of  an upcoming raw vegan potluck in Tokyo.

See you tomorrow.



So here I am in Ubud in Bali. I planned the trip back in April and booked to attend an ashtanga week with Sharath. Been looking forward to it for ages, but alas last week I was struck down with a nasty chest infection which triggered an asthma attack. So made the decision to back of ashtanga for a couple of weeks, but came to Bali anyway to heal with raw food and gentle yoga.

While here I have been eating at KAFE and it’s sister eatery Little K. Have taken some photos which will be posted later this week. I also have two private raw food classes booked, so am excited about being a student and learning.

I really do want to keep on top of this blog now as so much is happening. Am now training to become a Health Counsellor and am also part of karen Knowler’s Living Magically on Raw coaching. Although am raw, thought it would be a great way to see what Karen does and meet some like minded people.

This blog will return to the daily munchings of AvocadoGirl as of tomorrow and more about raw in Japan. Also my yoga.

This blog lost direction for a long while, simply because I didn’t know where I was going with my yoga and diet,  but it’s getting back on track as I living life to it’s fullest and want to share.

Check back tomorrow.

Oh, and although I am in Bali it doesn’t mean I have lost my love for Thailand.


Hi there, yes…yes…yes..I am a shocking blogger. I mean to blog, but then….blah, blah, blah.

Have lots to tell, all will be revealed in the next 24 hours. I am recommitting to being a regular blogger. I have met some wonderful people through keeping this blog and I have so much to share. More fabulous photos – so please do not leave.


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